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Layla J. says

"My hair stylist of 9 years basically dumped me when she could not accommodate my needing to change my regular appointment (which is only every 9 weeks) from mid week to a Saturday. She stylist said her Saturday slots were all booked up. Wow!

My mom then went on the hunt for Vidal Sassoon trained stylist, and found Behnaz. I had my first appointment yesterday and boy am I glad my previous stylist dumped me. My hair was looking pretty bad, split ends, etc. Behnaz spent much time giving me the perfect Sassoon A-Line cut and beautiful highlights. My hair looks healthy, and I love it. Behnaz is extremely professional, lovely and the stylist to go to for a high end cut and color.... :)"


Pat says:

"After thirty years of traveling to San Francisco every five weeks, my hair stylist deservedly decided to retire last year. I was devastated; I felt lost and bewildered. My hair style defines who I am and is as important to me as the air I breathe! Who can possibly replace a person who knew me and all the idiosyncrasies of my ever changing hair texture, the latest trends, and execute a perfect precision cut?

His retiring, however, prompted me finally to seek someone wonderful and talented here in Sacramento. I was not searching for the best hair salon in town, but for the best precision hair stylist. After researching thoroughly, Behnaz’s credential’s and reviews seem to fit the bill.

Needless to say, I was nervous and filled with trepidation on my first visit. But Behnaz’s warmth and friendliness put me at ease, and her fashion sense is to be admired. One of her many attributes is that she LISTENS and performs accurately to my wishes with her own creative twists. She is indeed a perfectionist and her precision cutting is outstanding. My hair is short and fine and she has managed to style it effortlessly. She is self assured which instills my confidence in her abilities. I left the salon after my first visit looking very chic and stylish.

She shares hints and offers suggestions on how I should manage my hair at home and assuages all my concerns. She is fashion wise and takes in the complete picture of who I am and gives me the personal touch to look my very best. My husband has his hair cut and colored by her as well and is very pleased with her techniques and feedback.

After my third visit, I know for certain I have found my wonderful and talented replacement. We shall be visiting Behnaz Azargam until she retires."


Bob F says:

"Traveling into San Francisco every five weeks to get our hair cut for the past thirty years had become an engrained ritual for my wife and me. We started with Kato at Yosh’s on Maiden Lane and faithfully followed him as he changed salons throughout the years. Trained by Yosh, he was exceptional with his precision cuts for my wife and me and our two sons as they grew up. Kato’s retirement and the increasing traffic congestion led my wife and me to the realization that we needed to find a precision cutter in Sacramento. While changing stylists for most people might be no big deal, for us it was a major lifestyle change. Thanks to my wife’s careful research, however, we were blessed to find Behnaz Azargam. After three visits I am extremely pleased with her precision cuts and styling and her knowledge and skill at selecting and applying translucent colors for me, a very natural type of coloring that I had not known about before. Her cuts are fashionable and versatile, allowing me to change the way I brush my hair as it grows out. I always look and feel ten years younger after each appointment with Behnaz. What more could a guy ask for?".


Juliemarg G says:

"I am thrilled with my new hair color from Behnaz. I've told a million hair stylists that I want to do something wild and impetuous with my hair color but mainly they ignore me. Several times I've needed color correction when someone makes my hair too blondie blond, which doesn't look good on me, and I have to fight just to get it darker. But I've always wanted to try something creative and normally they tell me "Next time" Not Behnaz! I told her I wanted some wild color and she said let me get the color samples. She asked what color I wanted, and when I was unsure, she recommended a shade that she thought would look good with my coloring. I LOVE IT! I'm changing my Yelp profile to my new color so you can all see it. ;)"


Sacamenna K says:

"Behnaz is the best stylist in Sacramento. Behnaz Azargam has been cutting my wife's and my hair for more than a decade. She's a certified professional with more than two decades experience and can deal with any style and texture. My wife is a professional actress and she trusts Behnaz to style her for constant scrutiny in a very competitive business. She often gets a cut and color. What's more, she is the nicest person you could ever meet. Behnaz was trained as a therapist before heading to the creative side of hair design so you both look and feel great leaving! What's better than that?"


Michelle C says:

"Behnaz is simply the best hair stylist around. Not only is Behnaz a master stylist she has an artistic and creative approach to cutting hair that is unparalleled. I have straight hair that I wear in a bob and Behnaz always makes sure that the cut is perfect, whether it is a precision cut or a highly textured. In addition to the perfect cut, Behnaz always makes sure that the style is always hip and fresh with the right amount of sophistication and elegance. "


Richard C says:

"Behnaz provides a precision men’s styling structured to one’s age, look, and feel. Able to suggest seasonal and trendy changes, solutions to differing types of hair (mine is thin- silver) and a professional look, she is masterful at providing a professional image. Prompt, efficient and delightful, she will enhance your image – and image is everything."


Kathy G says:

"Behnaz is wonderful. She is a great combination of artist and master stylist. Her precision cutting and coloring techniques compliment my features and make my hair look healthy and beautiful. Perhaps what I appreciate most though, is Behnaz's listening skills. She truly hears what you say (and what you don't!) to create a style that is just right, AND easy to care for. The reviews of her work are spot on. I am new to the area and based my decision on them - so glad I did!"



Estelle L says:

"After being loyal for over 20 years to the same hairstylist, I decided I needed a change. I saw this woman's hair at a business meeting. Her hair was gorgeous. I asked her where she got her hair done. She told me about Behnaz. I set up an appointment that day and have been going to Behnaz now for almost 4 years. Behnaz is an artist and a perfectionist. She keeps herself updated in all aspects of hair, from trends to hair products and techniques. I wanted healthy and stylish hair and got it! Behnaz listened. She is great, You won't be disappointed."


Peter F. of Napa says:

"I generally regarded getting my hair cut as a chore. Not any more! I always enjoy my visits with Behnaz and appreciate her great sense of style. As a winemaker from Napa Valley, I am on the road a lot and image is important. Behnaz has provided me with a nice balance of looking sharp as well as artistic. Thank you, Behnaz!"


Nancy W. says:

"Behnaz has been cutting and styling my hair for over 25 years now! With naturally curly hair, I'm very picky about how my hair is cut, and I've always been happy after visiting Behnaz. For a theater show I'm in, she did a fantastic temporary color job that made me "feel young again" and has been holding up beautifully under the stage lights. All my friends have been very complimentary of her work!!"


Crystal T. of Sacramento, CA says:

"Behnaz is fantastic! I found her by reading glowing reviews posted by her clients on curly hair blogs in 2008 and have been a loyal customer ever since. She is the only person I let cut and chemically treat my naturally curly hair. With her scissors, she is a magician—creating beautiful shoulder-length layers that accentuate my almond-shaped eyes and cheekbones. Also, Behnaz is very knowledgeable about what products are best for different hair types. For example, my spiral curls need moisture, but not too much or else they go flat. On a regular basis, Behnaz points out great products for me to use that all work various miracles, keeping my hair healthy. Besides the wonderful haircuts, Behnaz is also up-to-date on all the new treatments that are being created to increase hair’s manageability. For example, she has also introduced my curly locks to Keratin treatments (semi-permanent straightening) and semi-permanent color. Both treatments have been a total revelation with respect to my hair’s new found manageability. Thank you Behnaz! You have helped me to fall in love with my hair!”


Maryam Z. of San Francisco, CA says:

"Behnaz is a the most professional, artistic, and meticulous stylist I have ever had. Before I say any further, I should confess that I am not an easy client! I am very particular and demanding. I want my hair the way I envision it and I am very fussy about my hair. Behnaz was my stylist when I was living in Sacramento. Last Year, I moved to San Francisco and after a while found a local hair stylist. In the past year, I have tried many stylists in San Francisco and none of them had Behnaz's talent nor her professionalism. Last month, I got my hair cut in San Francisco and I wasn't pleased with the results. I went back to the stylist and asked her to correct it. She cut my hair shorter, but was not able to texture and reduce volume as I had asked her. Finally I called Behnaz in agony and asked her to help me out. She listened very carefully and understood exactly what I need it. Then she arranged an appointment with me and finally cut my hair exactly the way I had asked. I am very pleased with the result and will be going back to Sacramento for my hair appointments; Behnaz makes the drive worthwhile."


Julie says:

"I have known Behnaz for over 25 years and I've followed her from salon to salon. She's been doing my hair color and cut. She changes my color and cut according to the fashion. Every time I leave her I feel so happy and beautiful! I love her!! She listens to me. I would recommend her strongly!"


Marisa says:

"I love my routine appointments with Behnaz. We've added high lights, low lights and changed hair cuts. She listens to my ideas and gives great suggestions. And... She's a really nice person!"


50andproudofthegray voted for Salon Bravissimo, BEST Hair Salon
"Behnaz is the best! I've followed her from salon to salon for over 20 years and this one is by far the greatest."


Michela voted for Salon Bravissimo, LLC. as BEST Hair Salon
"Definitely ask for Behnaz!! She knows her stuff and always makes me feel so pretty!!"


Kristen A. … voted BEST Hair Salon
"The best and Behnaz is awesome at color too!"


espiechelini … voted BEST Hair Salon
"Yep, best of everything including the best hair stylist...BEHNAZ. I have been with her for 25 years and have never once strayed. She knows what I need better than I know myself. :)"


Laurie H. … voted BEST Hair Salon
"Behnaz is a great colorist and great listener and has great technique when she gives a cut."


cook567 … voted BEST Hair Salon
"I've been coming here for abt 10 yes, Behnaz is the best and the salon just keeps getting better."


neue … voted BEST Hair Salon
"Behnaz is an excellent haiirdresser"


jouy … voted BEST Hair Salon
"Behnaz is the best in the Sacramento Area"


Richard C.  … voted BEST Hair Salon
"Behnaz provides the best in hair styling, coloring and service. This salon has traditionally been the best in Sacramento for top notch all inclusive spa and hair services."